Save Money, Buy Pro-Stock Sticks

Save Money, Buy Pro-Stock Sticks

Pro Stock hockey sticks are sticks that are built specifically for professional players and have custom flex, length and curves. When you see them in stores, they have either been used once or twice, or usually never at all and are just available for sale now because they are being “recycled”.

This could mean huge savings for us (the beer leaguer) because these sticks are drastically marked down in price compared to buying the retail version. Pro Stock sticks are top of the line sticks which will cost you around $125-$150 rather than paying $300 for the retail version.

The down side is that you will not recognize the curve by name, Pro Stock sticks have custom curves built specifically for the player they are made for. You need to make sure you find a curve you are comfortable with.

The best advice I can give is to go to a local store that carries Pro Stocks and compare the curve of a few to one you have used before and like. Simply grab a new (not pro stock) stick with the curve you are used to playing with, walk it over to the Pro Stock section and start comparing.

When it comes to flex, lots of professional players use very stiff flexes that are too stiff for the beer leaguer but recently that has changed a little and we’re starting to see more regular (80-100) flex on Pro Stocks so you should be able to find a good flex in the Pro Stock section of a store.

In Toronto, I found the best selection of Pro Stock sticks are Majer Hockey.