New game format rule

The game format is based on how many skaters show up:

  • 16 or more skaters = 5 on 5
  • 12-15 skaters = 4 on 4
  • 11 or less = 3 on 3


The most important rule at FNH is….

This is a no contact, fun, beginner, pickup game. If you are looking for a chance to pick fights or be the tough guy on the ice, go somewhere else. You will be kicked out without a refund and banned for life. If you purposely cause or attempt to cause serious injury, legal action may be taken against you.
Now that we have that out of the way, here are some more rules that help make our games fun and safe.


All skaters must wear:
  • Helmet
  • Skates
  • Hockey gloves
  • A cup
  • Shin pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Jersey
It is recommended that skaters also wear:
  • Full face mask
  • Neck guard
  • Shoulder pads
  • Hockey pants
  • Hockey socks
  • Goalies must wear full equipment

Game rules:

  1. Teams will be white jerseys against dark jerseys. If you have both, please bring them incase we have an uneven number on each team
  2. This is a pickup game and there are no refs, no offside calls, no icing, no whistles what-so-ever
  3. Once a goal is scored, the team that scored should allow the other team to clear the zone
  4. Keep the shifts short to allow everyone to get good ice time, between 1-2 minutes shifts
  5. NO SLAP SHOTS unless on you have a clear view of the goal. Not for the goalies safety, but for the skaters safety
  6. No intentional body contact
  7. No fighting
  8. Racism, sexist comments and any other sort of remarks that can be taken as offensive will NOT be tollerated. There is a fine line between fun trash talk and offensive behavior
  9. Anti-Ottawa Senators comments are always welcome
  10. Be respectful to everyone on the ice and the arena staff