Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the pickup games supervised?
A. No, the games are unsupervised. It is a great group of people who come out every week and to this day, there has not been a single problem with fighting, intentional body contact or any kind of abuse.

Q. What do you consider a beginner?
A. Never played before, haven’t played in a few years, coming off an injury, etc., etc,.

Q. Who organizes these game?
A. I, Mike Leinwand, organize these games. This is not a full-time job and more of a hobby. I’m not in it to make money. I usually make enough to pay for the ice and maybe a couple slices of pizza (don’t tell Revenue Canada)

Q. What equipment do I need to play?
A. We REQUIRE that you wear full hockey equipment to play. Check the rules section for mandatory and suggested equipment.

Q. I have another question, who should I ask?
A. Contact me anytime with any questions you may have.