About FNH


Friday Night Hockey Was Born
12 years, 1 month, 1 week ago

Over the past few years many other pickup games claiming to be for beginner level players have popped up around the city. We are still the safest, most fun place for a beginner level player to come out and play at their own pace while meeting some great people. Our players range from beginner level to D level skaters with the general understanding that our game is meant for the beginners and our main goal is for everyone to have fun.

The games are for people who want to come out, have fun, learn hockey at their own pace and meet some great people. There is no long-term commitment as you can sign up for individual games on a weekly basis.

We do not tolerate hot heads, goons or Ottawa Senators fans. So get off the couch, get some equipment, come out and have some fun!! If you have any questions, please email me through the contact page.